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The Founder of

Melbourne Hair Blogger & Social Salon School

Hairdresser, Mother & Instagram Coach for the Hair & Beauty Industry and the founder of the Global Hair Community, Melbourne Hair Blogger.


I started my hairdressing career in 2001, at the age of 14

A love & passion of mine, working on the salon floor until 2017, when I became a mother to my son.


Now off the floor, my passion now is working with  hair stylists, salon owners and now beauty professionals since launched my Instagram Coaching & Education business Social Salon School in 2018.


I am now a mother of two beautiful children and spend my time managing an online community of over 120,000 people world wide.


Melbourne Hair Blogger was creating in June 2015, when I had taken a small, but much needed break from the Hair Industry.


This idea came to mind when I left the industry, to spend time with my Nanna who was ill and sadly passed the same year.


What was first just a hobby and a distraction to keep me busy in a time where I wasnt in the best mental health of my life, but I wanted to keep my foot in the industry without having to work on the salon floor.


My idea was to start a directory and sharing hairdressers all over Melbourne, on Instagram and showcase their incredible work. Something I hadn't seen done in Australia.


I remember laying in bed one night, thinking I want to start some kind of blogging account and honestly, I went to create a fashion type of account, and I knew Hair was my passion - so this is when

Melbourne Hair Blogger came to life.


After only a few weeks of launching my "hobby", it started to grow VERY QUICKLY - and within only a couple of weeks, the traction and views started to grow and the photo tags were something I never thought anyone would really see me or find me.


I honestly had no idea what would happen 6 years later, to grow a community of Hair Stylists all over the globe, and collaborate with haircare and beauty brands from all over the world and feature some of the most incredible hair stylists to date in the industry.


Not only has creating this community brought Hair Stylists together, I have made some Instagram and Industry friends


Melbourne Hair Blogger has been a finalist 2 years in a row 2019 & 2020 for digital influencer of the year in the AHFA awards.


Since the growth of Melbourne Hair Blogger was so successful, I had other Hair Stylist ask how I did it and grew a business of hundreds of thousands.


when I left working on the salon floor in 2017, this was the perfect opportunity to build my business SOCIAL SALON SCHOOL to help Hair Stylists how to use Instagram.


This was something I enjoyed and came natural to me using it and creating strategies for my own growth, but now being able to show salon owners how they can do it also and build a business and attract new clients through some simple, yet effective marketing tools. which is where Instagram comes into play.


When I launched in 2018, I started with In - Salon Education where I would travel to salons all over Australia, and also Online Masterclasses.


Since the pandemic hit in 2020, I moved my education to 100% online and launched Social Salon School Membership with Weekly Lessons.

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