My Favourite Apps for Instagram Stories


Creating Visually Appealing Vertical Videos is key for success when using Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories allows users to view Photo and Videos that are visible to followers of your account for 24 hrs.

When using Instagram Stories you need to get your audience to spend at least 3 seconds on your story to count as a view.

Instagram Stories lets you share all your day in a life of your business and it doesn't have to be as perfect as your feed posts.

Creating stand out Stories thoughtcrimes, will help to gain eye balls on your stories that stand out in an over saturated, but still very relevant platform.

Here are my favourite apps for Stand Out Stories.



Mojo creates quick stand out Videos that are engaging and fun for Vertical Story Telling.

This app offers lots of different text and built in royalty - free music for you to use. You can also add you own music if you prefer.

You can further edit the Vertical Video with graphics to make your story stand out.



Canva Stories

Canva Stories hands down is my favourite app for Instagram Content Creation! There is so much in this app and the best part - IT'S FREE

Unlike most apps, you have to pay for the extras and the best parts - this one allows you to access so much cool content to use to help create engaging and interactive Story Templates.

From Graphic Design that allows Video and Photo Content, to templates to edit to create your own Quizes for your Audience to fill in with Gifs.

Colourful and Bright, its sure to catch your followers attention.