What is Social Salon School and Why it will benefit your business in more ways than one!

Nicole Healy, Founder and Owner of Melbourne Hair Blogger and Social Salon School gives us an Insight into all things Instagram and what you can learn at her Masterclass and the community that's bringing Hairdresser's together.

When Nicole first came up with the idea of starting Social Salon School, it wasn't just because salon owners and people in the cosmetology industry needed further education on Social Media, it was more to bring a community of like minded professionals together.

Social Salon School is more than just your every day Social Media Education that is around, Founder Nicole Healy is all about educating the cosmetology industry in things we are lacking in, not just Social Media skills. "I was always asked why people struggled when it came to Social Media, particularly Instagram. Why they struggled to build a following or to be seen more on the platform. For me this was a no-brainer to start a community where people in our profession could learn in the skills that they were lacking in." she continues "Social Media is all about socialising right? So why not Socialise online with people within your niche market, this being other hairdressers, plus makeup artists and even beauty therapists. For me Networking is key to success. I started in the industry over 16 years ago, at this time, sharing your formulas or even talking to the salon a few doors down was a big no, no. It really just wasn't done, as to find customers was harder back then. We didn't have people flocking to us from an image they had seen online, it was more word of mouth."

Starting this platform for me after the success I have had with Melbourne Hair Blogger, which is already bringing like minded hairdressers together, started with only sharing Melbourne Hairdressers, particularly just small businesses, as I knew from being in the industry for so many years , how hard it is not just for hairdressers to gain new clients but visually for customers to find good, well trained hairdressers within our industry without having to travel into the inner city suburbs to find well trained professionals.

After about a year of this, I soon gained 10K followers. How? By being consistent and knowing what niche market I was targeting!

I then I was being contacted from other people around Australia and Internationally wanting to be apart of this successful platform to have their work showcased also. Not only did I not think twice about it, it soon became one of the best things I ever did! I was now not only being showcased and reposted with in Melbourne, but my Instagram page was now being re-shared GLOBALLY! See how networking works? By giving a little and getting more than a little back?

After spending now 3 years researching and studying online Social Media resources, I was able to launch Social Salon School. I have always had Salon Owners and Hairdressers asking how they gain a good following on Instagram. For me, yes having the number of followers is nice, but for me thats just a bonus. I look at Instagram for the content, not the amount of Followers people have. If you don't have good content, well then you aren't going to gain the following of people. When you think of instagram, it's actually quite simple. If you put these things into place

  • Know how to take good Images and put up "Insta-Worthy" Content

  • Like things that catch your eye and comment on the things you love

  • Follow people that inspire you

  • Get Social, Start Conversations with like minded people in your niche

  • Don't be scared to show a bit of personality through Instagram Story feature

At the end of the day, the thing that will get you seen on the platform, especially to new people is leaving them a notification, not just one, but a few.

Make an impression, make them wonder "who is this". Once you have created this impression, it's a domino effect. They click to see who you are, they start scrolling your feed to check out what you're about and then if they like you enough, they will interact with a few of your images and then hopefully follow you.

Don't be offended if someone likes a few of your images but doesn't follow you, you need to give potential followers a purpose to follow and commit to following you.

Think of this like dating.

  • Liking each others images is "Flirting"

  • Leave some comments as well as likes and they tell their friends about your account, this is the "dating stage"

  • When they finally commit to you, this ends in the "follow".

Being consistent on Social Media is key to having a great profile.

You know when you see accounts and they're a bit 'all over the shop' so to say and its just not that aesthetically pleasing on the eye? It's a bit jumbled up and doesn't really tell us a story or show a clear indication of what they're about?

We are not likely to follow. Why? Because not every image is pleasing or makes us satisfied.

Have you ever un-followed someone by what they have posted on their story?

Yep! I know I have. Using the story feature can be great 99% of the time, but you post things that aren't relevant to your account, you will get you un-followed fairly quickly.

When we use our story feature, use it to engage with potential customers on a level which they can relate to hair about. Below are some tips and tricks to using your Instagram Story

  • A Raw Hair Tutorial or How - to story Clients love this type of content. People love to know what you can do before they have even stepped inside your salon! (ie frizzy hair to smooth blow-dry)

  • Introducing yourself Let people know who you are and why they should come to you

  • Product Tutorials Inform customers on how to use their Heat Styling tools correctly or show them which products are popular in your salon at the moment and how to use them

  • Do a salon take over A day in the life of you at work! This can be quite fun, if you or someone in your salon has time to film you at work. Be informative and tell your fellow stylists of potential customers what you're up to and again show some personality as some customers pick you as their hairdresser based on you and not always what you do with their hair!

  • Sharing Formulas and Techniques One thing I am LOVING about our industry currently, is our generous knowledge of sharing our formulas and techniques. Share your formulas, let not only people in your niche know what colour formula you may be using but also where you place the colour by drawing a diagram. You may also have a new client who is knowledgable in this field and knows their colours and already feels comfortable knowing that you know what you're talking about!

When i teach Social Salon School to Salon Owners and Hairdressers, the thing I love is teaching you in your own work space.

My Masterclasses are hosted at YOUR SALON.

"This has been a great thing, I find people learn more, when placed in your own comfort zone." This is also a bonus when i teach you how to style! You can show me what you would normally use to style and then i can recommend what i think would probably work best if you weren't already using the correct thing. The biggest factor with coming to your own work space is, teaching you where the best place is to take a photo of your work!

Finding where the natural light hits your salon best is key to taking a good photo.

While using artificial light can at times be beneficial, natural light will always give you a more realistic colour result when showing your customer your creation.

Who has had a customer come back and told you when they have got home "My hair isn't light enough or my hair is too light?" The reason this happens is, LIGHTING!

Its ALWAYS a good idea to take photos of your clients hair in light they would normally see their hair at home in, not just the salon.

What's the first thing someone does when they leave the salon? They jump in the car and look in the mirror. They're looking at their hair in natural light which will make their hair appear the lightest and when they get home and don't have the light we have inside our salons, then we hear "my hair isn't light enough?" This is why taking before and after shots of your work is so important and also educating clients on the difference lighting makes on your hair colour!

When I teach my students how to take photo I use a mixture of my Luvo Ringlight and Natural Light in the salon I am at. Having good lighting is everything.

Invest in a ring light for your salon, especially for those night time shots or when it's a really gloomy, dark day outside, this is where a ring light will become your best friend!

Now with all that information, I think its time we book you into

Social Salon School and get your Instagram and Photo's looking the best that they can be! To Book Please Click Here