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Ready to up your Social Media 

You're in the right place!


Join me every Tuesday at 7:30pm inside of the Social Salon School Members group, where I share a lesson on Social Media marketing for Hairdressers, Beauty Therapists, Skin Professionals & Salon Owners.

These lessons help you have a better understanding of how to use Instagram for your business

Quick Lessons that you have 30 days to watch from the date they go up in the group.

Each week you will receive an email with all the lesson notes to print and keep forever.

All Lessons are hosted inside a Private Facebook Members Group


Learn all the latest, up to date Info on Instagram, Strategies & Tips for growing your audience and turning likes into clients.

My method of coaching is easy for salon owners who aren't social media savvy & turning them social media queens (and kings)

Receive Content Planning at the start of every month, with ideas of what to post, taking the thinking work away from you and spend more time working on your business, without having to worry about "what am I going to post"

Having weekly lessons, that are around 30 minutes long, make it easy for you to follow and best of all

they cost you the same price as your daily latte from the cafe!

I will share with you all the latest trends, how to create reels, apps you need, and all things Instagram Marketing for Salons!

Whether you're a brick & mortar salon, private studio, freelancer or salon owner who doesn't work on the salon floor.

This is for you!

Sign up for Month to Month, 6 Month or a Yearly Package


Wade, WAK the Salon

Nicole is like no other coach I have ever met.

Her knowledge for our Industry mixed with the ongoing changing social media side of business, is second to none.

I thought I knew my stuff until I started working with Nicole.

I have never looked back


Sandra, Dlush Hair

I look forward to your classes each week & excitedly wait for my weekly email!

Today you taught us about Hashtags and tried it tonight on my post and for the first time, saw a huge difference it made in my reach!

I'm actually getting interactions and the feedback I'm getting in salon is amazing!

It's become a huge talking post with my clients


Amy, Amy Prenc Hair

I have gained so much knowledge from the weekly lessons and 1:1 Coaching!

I am so glad I found Nicole, she explains things so clear and makes Instagram & finding your ideal client a breeze!

I have gained so many clients, fully booked for the rest of the year and now have a cancellation list full of brand new clients


Learn how to create your own

stand out branding

throughout all social platforms


Want to be better at Caption creation?

I'll teach you!



Hashtags confuse you?

Not sure which to use?

I got you covered!


Reels are so hot right now!

This is where you need to be on Instagram!

I'll show you how to create them and stand out!

  • What will i learn ?
    You will learn how to build not only an engaged audience through instagram, but attract new clients, work on strategies for your socials, have the best understanding possible. As a former hair stylist with 19 years industry experience, and the creator of the Melbourne Hair Blogger, global hair community, i will share with you all the tips i have used to grow a following over over 120,000 How the Algorithms work (theres more than one 👀) How to Attract new clients through Instagram Marketing Engagement Strategies Holy Hashags - how to use them properly How to build your reach and impressions Master your Instagram Reels - and no, you don't need to dance if you don't want too The Power of Video Content and Short Form Video Getting comfortable infront of the camera! Instagram Stories and Stratagies Graphic Design Tips and Tricks using Canva The Best Apps you need to help you stand out How to understand your Insights and Metrics Build your Audience to not only new people - but turning them into paying customers Tips on Photography Tips on Videography How to write captions that convert Call to Actions Working with Influencers Creating Paid Ads PLUS SO MUCH MORE
  • How does the membership work?
    After you join, you will receive an email with a link to join our facebook members group - this is where all the weekly lessons are held! (check your junk mail if you haven't received this after you sign up)
  • Where are the lessons held?
    Inside of a private facebook group!
  • How long does each lesson go for?
    Every Tuesday at 7:30pm AEST a new lesson is dropped into the members group.
  • How long do i have to watch each lesson?
    Each lesson is vaild for 30 days to watch, from the day it went live in the members group.
  • How do i get the lesson notes ?
    Every Tuesday you will recieve an email with a PDF attached with all the notes from the weekly lesson. You can print and keep these forever!
  • How long does each lesson go for?
    The lessons are around 30 minutes long - sometimes longer
  • Are the lessons in an ordered format to learn in ?
    The reason i created the membership was to give you all of the up to date Info on whats happening for instagram. Because of this, each lesson isnt in a structured format.
  • Will you teach me how to take photos and videos ?
    While i dont physically show you, i share many, many tips on how to take photos, create videos with step by step instructions for you to follow.
  • What do the lessons look like ?
    Each week, the lessons are pre-recorded (by me) and in a powerpoint presentation and tutorial style - so you can follow along, and read too!
  • Can i watch the past lessons?
    Once the lesson is past 30 days, it expires, however we are ALWAYS covering up to date info on how to use Instagram - so you're always learning something new, and of course i cover past topics that have been discussed in the past.
  • When did the Social Salon Membership start?
    in April 2020
  • If i sign up for a month to month plan but want to change to 6 or 12 months can i?
    Absolutely! Just give me 7 days notice by emailing me and i'll be able to give you instructions on how to switch plans
  • How do i cancel my membership ?
    You can simply cancel by tapping the cancellation tab on your up coming payment reminder or email me with 7 days notice to be able to cancel your plan manually.
  • Can my staff join?
    Absolutely! Simply just sign them up one by one. As the membership cost is per person
  • I'm a salon owner, i really don't enjoy using instagram, can one of my staff join instead?"
    Of course! I understand using Instagram might not be something you're passionate about - and perhaps one of your staff is really good at it, so sign them on up!
  • What do the tiles and templates look like for the 6 and 12 month bonuses?
    They look like this! Each month you will recieve helpful infographics to use on your Instagram Feed and Story Templates to use on your Instagram Story

on the

$29.95 per month


the social
6 month



yearly package




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