Using Instagram seems hard right! Working out how others become successful and thrive boggles your mind, right?

It's all about having a plan and strategy and of course, GREAT EYE CATCHING CONTENT.

It's all about the Content and what you're sharing on the platform, in order to succeed on Instagram.

Once you have content and insta worthy content, then it's alllll of the other stuff.

Copywriting and Captions, Hashtags, Photo Tagging, Location Tagging, Timing, Shopping, Instagram Stories, Apps, Content Planning, Scheduling, Influencer Marketing, Ad's, Insights and Metrics, Hidden Hacks and Tips and the Graphic Designing - and trying to do this all on one post!

Well, I know how confusing this is for SO MANY, so that is why I launched my 1:1 Training, two years ago, and since have coached over 3,000 Hair and Beauty Professionals all around the world, and taught for high end

Hair & Beauty Brands.

I have relaunched my coaching and the way I do it. In the past I was doing my same class to people who booked, and while this was great, I found it was way too much information for them to process all at once.

So now, I have a totally new way of teaching hair and beauty professionals at all levels.

There is strictly limited spots

            Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

Beginners: This is for those who know little, to not much about Instagram - this is for you.

What you will get:

Access to the Social Salon School Membership (month to month)

  • 1hr Consultation

  • Weekly 30 min Private Coaching

  • Weekly Worksheets and Tasks to Complete

$150 per week