are you a hair or beauty professional & need help with Instagram?
I got you!


Are you here because your wanting to gain more clarity on using Instagram for your salon?


or maybe you’re a newbie to Instagram for your salon and just beginning and know you’re years behind some salons absolutely nailing Instagram, and you want some of that too


Well, you’re in the right place, because that’s exactly why I started social salon school, to help business owners just like you


You see. I was a hairdresser for 16 years before I put the scissors, hair dryer and countless clients down, not because I didn’t enjoy hairdressing anymore, infact, i loved my career. But the universe had other plans for me once I became a mum.


I started in the Hair industry back in 2002, social media wasn’t even in existence back then and the internet had only been around for less than 10 years… crazy huh


As time went on, clientele didn’t always come from word of mouth, but this app called Instagram… 


when I first got Instagram back in 2010, I used it to add filters on my photos, thinking it just enhanced them..


Until one day a girlfriend said to me, are you using this app called Instagram, I said oh yeh, the one you can add filters on your photos ?


Yeh that one….


Who knew back then, that teaching Instagram for salon owners is now what I do full time and have now for almost 4 years!


I knew when I had my business idea, that salon owners needed this, and I knew this because I could see how valuable it was for businesses if they knew how to use it properly, let’s be honest, a lot of hairdressers aren’t tech savvy, right ? I know, because working in salons for close to 20 years, I’ve seen people struggle, and for me, it was something I was always asked to help with, because I enjoyed it!


Instagram I knew, I got it, it was easy for me - heck I built a global empire out of simple idea that was my hobby, to over 120K combined followers - never ever did I think i would be that instagrammer, but my strategy worked.


From then, i had hundreds of hair stylists message me every month, asking how, Nicole how did you do it..


That’s when I thought, hairdressers need help, and I want to be that person who can give them not only guidance but all the tools and strategies they need to grow their business on Instagram - and also how to take photos


Hairdressers didn’t start their careers 20 years ago, thinking they would need to be good at technology, or an app on a smart phone, let alone be a professional photography, videographer, comedian, actress, mime, singer or even a choreographed dancer … no you thought hairdressing is creative enough for me with hair cutting and styling


NOW - you need to know how to do the marketing, as well as the photography and videography!


Hairdressers and Beauty Professionals need this!


We need to know the ropes, my philosophy is to be educated before outsourcing…


Imagine hiring someone to do your Instagram, as a side hustle, when really all they do is just post a photo and that’s it, no strategy, no idea which hashtags to use and let alone hairdressers lingo!


I want YOU to be good at doing your own socials, know how it works, why it works and how you make it personalised to your salon and business


My social salon school offers, 1:1 Coaching, A Membership Subscription with weekly lessons, private in salon education and also an academy (launching soon)


I want you to feel confident behind the phone screen, i want you nailing those hair photos and hashtags and better yet, feel amazing filming video and reels!


If this speaks your language, then you need social salon school in your life!

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I'm Nicole,

Instagram Coach


hair & beauty

Confetti Girl

Mflair Hair Artistry

Since joining Social Salon School, 6 months ago, My Instagram has improved for the better!

I have no idea that simple tweaks could change my account and business.

I look forward to Nicole's lessons each week to further my Instagram game.

Nicole is there to help with any questions or issues we might have, you only need to ask.

I would highly recommend Social Salon School!


The Bliss Coach 

Ever since working with Nicole, I've gained a new found confidence when working on my socials. Joining the membership is worth its weight in gold, and has really helped me grow my online presence, especially during periods of lockdown and restrictions in the real world.

Anything new or an update to Instagram and she knows the answers which is reassuring knowing that I was keeping up to date too.

I highly recommend Nicole as a social media coach to anyone wanting to grow their engagement online, turning it into a business.

Totally worth the investment.

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Rodney Wayne - NZ

I would 100% recommend social salon school to anyone in the hair & beauty industry.

I've learnt heaps of great tips and info for my salon and the knowledge has been invaluable.

With this insight we were awarded Social Media Salon of the year in 2020 and we have doubled our followers & seen a huge increase in engagement & click through to bookings

Thank you Nicole for your hard work and beautifully presented tutorials.

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