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Engaging Content Ideas for when clients don't want to show their face.

Often you would hear "sure you can take a photo, just don't include my face" - It's fine! The focus of your image is the hair, thats what we are making engaging content with and whats the money maker, is the hair we do with our craft.

So what do you when your client wants their hair over their face (think cousin IT) but less creepy, it's the way we position and pose the clients and models.

Grace from @los_pastel in Perth, Australia share some amazing shots and ideas for content creation where your hair photos still look incredible without showing any face at all. It's all about the way you style, position, and fan the hair out to make it sit a certain way

Angles are everything and having a create smart phone that's of high quality to make sure your photos are not only engaging but of high quality, instagram looks for high res images and videos and in fact gives reach to higher res content.


  • Body side on towards you

  • Chin low and towards shoulder, dipped down

  • Hair fanned over the shoulder closest to where you're shooting from

  • Dip shoulder further down if needed

  • Arms crossed or behind back

  • Good Posture

  • Coach your client / model and tell them how fab they look!



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